Welcome to the 3-D Film Archive!

Founded in 1990 by award-winning producer, author and motion picture archivist Bob Furmanek, we are the first organization dedicated to saving and preserving our stereoscopic film heritage.


We have located and restored original dual-strip 35mm polarized 3-D prints of more than thirty features and two dozen shorts from 1922-1955, the “Golden Age” of 3-D cinema.


3-D Film Archive are now the leading experts in vintage stereoscopic film restoration. Since 2014, we have restored over thirty vintage three-dimensional features for release on 3-D Blu-ray, and there are many more to come!

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for details about these upcoming projects!

The Bubble Roadshow - 2024

Southwest passage - TBA

The Glass Web - Release date TBA

Money From home - Release date TBA

Domo arigato - Release date TBA

dragonfly squadron - Release date TBA