The History of 3D Film

3d Films have a history that’s as rich and compelling as the films themselves! We’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to uncovering many lost stories. Here are just a few of them!
  • Close Enough to Touch: 3-D Comes to Hollywood

    Mike Ballew's richly detailed history of stereoscopic 3-D movies in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States from 1950 to 1975.

  • The Earliest Surviving 3-D Film

    The holy grail of 3D!

  • The First 3-D Feature

    The first documented exhibition of a stereoscopic motion picture took place on the morning of June 10, 1915 at the Astor Theater in New York.

  • Lost 3-D Films

    These films were screened in the United States, but no known print exists.

  • Top Ten 3-D Myths

    Several books have been written over the years on Golden Age 3-D movies which contain a great deal of wrong information. Unfortunately, that erroneous information has been copied and spread throughout the Internet.

  • What Killed 3D?

    It is often written that it is the need to wear glasses that killed 3-D. But how did audiences in 1953 really feel about wearing glasses? As with anything, some history must be stated first to put things into the proper context.