Current Projects

Robot Monster on 3-D Blu-ray and DVD!

What more can be said about the iconic ROBOT MONSTER? Joe Dante once commented, “There’s never been a picture like it.”
Indeed, the film truly speaks for itself but have you ever really seen it? Unless you were one of the select few who saw the very limited 3-D release theatrically in 1953, you have not experienced this stereoscopic gem in all of its magnificent polarized 3-D glory.

Until now.

The Abbott & Costello Show Season 2 Restored!

Our 2021 release of THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW Season One was an unprecedented success. Our restoration set a new standard for vintage TV shows on Blu-ray and DVD.  


So now it’s on to save season 2!

Bwana Devil

Coming soon! Stay tuned for more details!


The Man Who Wasn't There

Coming soon! Stay tuned for more details!